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Give leisure time special meaning by experiencing an environment where the pleasantries of socializing with friends and the sporting challenge of a game of golf provide an atmosphere of excitement. The decades old traditions continue while new ways to enjoy the membership experience unfold every day.

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Family Golf

Playing golf, even in your hometown, can be the perfect family vacation. Take your family golfing and enjoy a day outside, walking through beautiful rolling fairways, sipping on some cool lemonade, sharing special conversation, and simply spending quality time with each other.

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There is nothing as valuable as spending time with good company — be they family, friends, or peers. Shawnee Country Club provides tremendous value to members by fostering an approachable, cordial atmosphere where members choose to participate and interact with one another. Inquire about your membership today.

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Kid's Krew Junior Golf

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Hole 1

A fairly straight par four, this beginning hole has a significant landing area for the tee shot, but usually plays into the predominant south wind. Keep your approach away from the bunker left of the green and you should have a great start.

  • 420
  • 389
  • 372
  • 334
  • 300

Hole 2

Large trees on the left can present a challenge on this mid-length par three. The wise shot is to play towards the green’s center, however a range of great hole locations can provide a challenging two putt.

  • 187
  • 165
  • 152
  • 139
  • 105

Hole 3

Keep your tee shot to the right side of the fairway in order to avoid the trees that drape the left side. This should leave you with a mid iron second shot into a somewhat harsh green. The most successful putting should occur if your ball is left below the hole.

  • 418
  • 388
  • 367
  • 336
  • 295

Hole 4

For this fairly petite par four, a long iron or fairway wood is recommended from the tee. The only obstacle is the trap on the left. If avoided, you’ll be left with a short iron shot to a well protected green.

  • 368
  • 348
  • 328
  • 314
  • 280

Hole 5

As the hardest handicapped hole on the course, there’s no choice but a long and accurate shot from the tee that misses both the bunker on the left and the water on the right. The modest green is guarded on every corner by traps, so reaching the putting surface in two is a big accomplishment!

  • 420
  • 380
  • 323
  • 312
  • 289

Hole 6

After battling the last hole, this par four may offer you some reprieve and often a birdie opportunity. Usually downwind, this hole typically plays shorter than indicated by the yardage. After your tee shot you should be able to comfortably reach the wide green with a short iron.

  • 383
  • 361
  • 342
  • 329
  • 295

Hole 7

This long uphill par three may require the usage of a big stick. Landing on the fairly shallow green necessitates a high soft shot to get over the traps and hold. Par is a great score on this hole.

  • 213
  • 181
  • 164
  • 151
  • 130

Hole 8

The short yardage on this par five can be misleading as it plays into the prevailing wind. Risk takers can try to get home in two, but take note of the water just short of the green. A smart shot selection might include a layup for a wedge third which could leave a makeable birdie putt.

  • 507
  • 486
  • 465
  • 448
  • 401

Hole 9

To be successful on this par four you must start with a great tee shot. Those with more distance may try to cut the corner, but beware the fairway bunkers. Your approach shot to the very narrow well protected green is also integral.

  • 409
  • 390
  • 381
  • 358
  • 303

Hole 10

Start with a great tee shot on this hole, since anything left will probably end up wet. Your second shot is equally as important as you’re hitting to a green with a pond in front and bunkers across the back.

  • 435
  • 405
  • 380
  • 362
  • 334

Hole 11

On this dogleg left you’ll need your tee shot to find the fairway. Your second shot should be a mid to long iron to a rather small green. The toughest part of this hole is probably the length uphill.

  • 427
  • 410
  • 398
  • 381
  • 330

Hole 12

Watch your scorecard – this hole can rack up the strokes. The pond that guards this green’s right side will swallow up any shot that heads its way. The left side offers several out of bounds stakes. The best way to make a great score on this par three is simple. Hit the green.

  • 170
  • 159
  • 144
  • 137
  • 82

Hole 13

The best birdie opportunity on the course - and you’ll need it considering what lies ahead. This par five should suit any tee shot that avoids the water on the left, and leave you set for a long iron into a green surrounded by trees.

  • 500
  • 466
  • 452
  • 397
  • 352

Hole 14

Probably the most demanding hole of the eighteen, this dogleg right has trouble nearly everywhere. A long, well placed drive will leave a second shot over a creek through a slender gap of trees to a very severe green. Par is a bonus here.

  • 458
  • 441
  • 398
  • 355
  • 312

Hole 15

On this straight par four your tee shot must not only find the fairway, but the center of it. Right or left could leave you blocked by enormous trees, though there is a tight opening centered on the green. The fact that it plays into the south wind can also make this hole longer than the yardage would seem.

  • 417
  • 380
  • 366
  • 333
  • 282

Hole 16

This par three requires a lofty shot with a soft landing. This green typically plays as one of the hardest and tends to run away from the player. Make sure to avoid the significant trap that guards the front right of the green.

  • 177
  • 150
  • 137
  • 125
  • 95

Hole 17

Shoot it straight here and this hole should be a success. Anything wayward off the tee could leave you with significant challenges. Keep it down the middle, then a short second and a fairly flat green is all that stands between you and birdie.

  • 392
  • 371
  • 356
  • 330
  • 253

Hole 18

This finishing hole presents very little trouble. Though difficult to reach in two, three good shots should give you a lovely birdie opportunity. Here’s hoping you’ve saved your best shots until the last and come into the Clubhouse with some spring in your step.

  • 550
  • 537
  • 516
  • 488
  • 443