While a lot has changed since Shawnee Country Club was founded, the enduring values of camaraderie, country club atmosphere, and the pleasures of good company remain the focus of the experience even today. These timeless qualities come alive all around you as you relax on the veranda that offers views of the practice facility and the pool oasis.

New members find it easy to make Shawnee Country Club a part of their social life and recreational pursuits. A practical range of membership options caters to each member’s priorities and pursuits. From 1929 Club Restaurant and Bar, which may be rented for private occasions to the resort-style pool added in 2010,  to the expertly maintained golf course, members are surrounded by staff and resources that let them enjoy country club traditions in a way that aligns with today’s pace of life. As of 2015, the Shawnee Country Club also partners with ClubCorp. This offers members the opportunity to enjoy free golf and other amenities such as concerts, sporting events, hotel and dinner reservations, and more as they travel and experience over 200 clubs across the nation.